How much do sessions cost?

The cost of a 55-minute session is $200.  The cost of an 85-minute session is $300.  Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, or credit card.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Moses is a preferred provider with TriWest (a VA benefit which allows qualifying veterans to be seen outside of the VA by community providers) as well as a non-network provider for TRICARE (for active duty and retired military servicemembers and their families).  Dr. Moses is also an in-network provider for Lyra Health (a behavioral health plan offered through tech companies).

To determine whether you qualify for services through TriWest and the VA's Choice Program, please call their hotline at 1-866-606-8198.  You may request to see a specific provider, such as Dr. Moses, if you wish.  You can receive more information about this program here:

To determine whether you qualify for services through TRICARE, please call their hotline at 1-844-866-9378.  You can receive more information about services through TRICARE here: 

To determine whether your company sponsors Lyra Health benefits, check here: 

Unfortunately, the Center does not accept other insurances at this time. However, many PPO insurance plans will reimburse a percentage of what a client has paid for sessions.  Upon request, Dr. Moses can provide you with a "superbill" receipt which lists diagnoses and procedural codes for the purpose of insurance reimbursement.  Some insurance companies will not reimburse at all.  It is recommended you contact your insurance company to discuss their reimbursement policy for individual or couple therapy for out-of-network providers.  The Center is happy to assist as much as possible in the process of navigating TriWest/TRICARE benefits.

How long will therapy last?

A number of factors determine how long therapy will last.  All of the therapies used at the Center are designed to target your concerns and to produce specific results and outcomes.  The ultimate purpose of therapy is to help you achieve your goals and provide relief as quickly as possible.  They are highly effective despite their short length (often averaging 12-15 sessions).  The reason for this is the commitment you make to the therapy.  The harder you work on practicing the skills outside of the sessions and the more regularly you attend appointments (weekly therapy is recommended for best results), the faster you are expected to progress through treatment.  Change is measured over time and reviewed with you throughout the course of treatment to provide an understanding of how much more therapy may be warranted to get you to your goals.  Of course, therapy is voluntary, so you may decide to leave at any time, or you may express a desire to continue treatment to address other concerns.  For an estimate of the length of treatments, please see Individual PTSD Therapy, Couple Therapy, and What to Expect.  

Do you treat children?

At this time, we do not treat children.  Only adults aged 18 and older are seen at the Center.