To initiate therapy, please call the Center's number (858-769-9179) for a brief phone interview to help understand your needs and discuss scheduling and payment.  If you do not reach anyone, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible during business hours.

Next, you will be scheduled for an initial session to discuss presenting concerns and goals for therapy.

Individual therapy begins with a mental health intake assessment to determine diagnoses and discuss treatment options.  Clients are typically seen for a course of weekly therapy for about 12-15 sessions.  

Couple therapy begins with an assessment period of about four sessions, some with both partners present and some where each partner is seen individually, in order to determine goals and understand backgrounds.  Couples are typically seen for a course of weekly therapy starting with 10 sessions, at which time continued need for couple therapy is evaluated.

In therapy, all decisions are made jointly by the provider and client.  Treatment is individually tailored to the client's needs and goals. Therapy is always evidence-based and designed to be short-term so you are feeling better as soon as possible.